Sleep Clean Set - King Pillowcases

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While our bodies naturally detox as we sleep, cotton sheets can harbor pesticides, dust and other allergens, and nighttime routines may be adding even more chemicals to our bodies. Our Sleep Clean Set helps you rest easy.


  • Our microfiber pillowcases are easy to clean, more durable than cotton and contain our BacLock®* antibacterial agent. BacLock, with its self-cleansing properties, reduces the likelihood of your face coming into contact with bacteria from everyday oil, dirt, germs and dead skin cells from night to night, making it great for acne-prone skin!
  • Our super-soft, double-sided microfiber Facial Pads dampened with water provide a super-gentle option to remove makeup and cleanse delicate skin. Plus, they contain our BacLock®* antibacterial agent. Don’t rely on wasteful, single-use cotton balls and pads or harsh, abrasive scrubs!
  • The unique enzyme-based formula of our Mattress Cleaner is designed to remove organic material. Not just for mattresses, our Mattress Cleaner provides a deep cleaning of body oils, pet dander and other contaminants from pillows, comforters, pet bedding, fluffy toys and fabric furniture.
  • Our Lysere Illuminating Oil is formulated with 15 skin-healthy oils, including Macadamia, Evening Primrose and Coconut, plus Nordic super-food botanicals like Arctic Cloudberry and Sea Buckthorn nourish, hydrate and protect to bring you a dewy, more radiant appearance. Naturally rich in antioxidants, Red Algae helps fight free radicals and strengthen the moisture barrier, while Black Oats provide advanced hydration. 
  • Reveal brighter, more beautiful skin with our double-sided Exfoliating Facial Mitt. Soft, suede-like microfiber with our antibacterial BacLock®* agent gently whisks away all traces of makeup, while the gentle buffing side lifts and removes dull, dead skin cells.


The Sleep Clean Set (King Pillowcases) Includes:


*Contains BacLock, an antibacterial agent for self-cleansing purposes only. The agent is solely designed to inhibit odor from bacteria, mold and/or mildew growth within the product.



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